Multi Fandom Icon Post

[36] General Harry Potter
[20] Veronica Mars
[30] Gossip Girl
[05] Charmed

[x] Comments are love. The more comments I receive the more love I feel...awww.
[x] Credit is desired. To katcal062301 or to creative_splash
[x] Hotlinking is evil and everytime someone does it..a really cute puppy or kitten sad.
**textless icons are soooo not bases. Do not alter the pretty icons please**


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5 800x600 light/color textures

[x] Credit to katcal062301 or to creative_splash
[x] Comments are love. No one seems to comment any more when taking resources that people post. We put a lot of effort into making these resources for you, please leave a comment when taking.

[x] Hotlinking is just rude. Don't do it. If my bandwith exceeds the limit, I'll take these down straight away. So don't ruin it for other people. If you like the texture, right click on it and save it to your PC. Or mem the entry to find them again. But DO NOT HOTLINK FROM ME!

Warning this may not be dial up friendly.


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